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Harnessing Data, Infrastructure & Networks in Global Secondaries.

As Asia’s fastest growing institutional platform for private equity and venture secondaries, we are trusted by over 750+ institutions in Asia. We build the infrastructure and tools to drive transactions and sustainable growth in the world's fastest-growing market.

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In a rapidly evolving world, how is your portfolio adapting? Liquidity plays a pivotal role in portfolio management. Are you maximizing opportunities in the global secondaries market? Institutions in Asia venturing into global secondary markets are met with a series of sophisticated challenges. These encompass navigating uncertainties in price discovery, obstacles in due diligence and validating credible counterparties in an increasingly fragmented landscape.

Gateway’s unique platform edge, combines proprietary data sets to develop advanced matching algorithms, ensuring unparalled precision in matching, price discovery and execution within an opaque and fragmented market.

Our Purpose

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Institutional buyers, sellers & intermediaries 

Global companies & funds covered by platform 



Buy & sell-side pipeline in secondaries 



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LP Secondaries

- US$700M+ Buy & sell-side pipeline in LP secondaries

- Uncovered Buyers & Sellers in Asia: Single Family Offices, EAM’s/IAM’s and multi-family offices, Private Banks, boutique asset managers 

- Strategies:  Venture Capital, Private Equity, Buyout, Credit and Infrastructure fund strategies managed by global and pan-Asia managers 

Direct Secondaries

- US$2Bn+ Buy & sell-side pipeline in Direct Secondaries

- Differentiated Terms, structured due diligence, captable access etc

- Strategies:  Global Venture & Growth Equity with minimum company valuation of US$500M+ 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to build a data-centric market infrastructure in Asia, streamlining matching, due diligence and

transaction execution across private equity and growth equity secondaries. We work hand-in-hand with investors, companies, LPs and GPs to create tailored solutions matching the liquidity needs of stakeholders. With our proprietary data, cutting-edge tools and deep industry insight, we stand at the forefront to lead and capture the industry's accelerated growth and advancement.

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  • Acquire shares or a portfolio of direct investments directly from existing shareholders, offering immediate liquidity without diluting company ownership. 

  • Blending secondary transactions with primary fundraising as a strategic solution to offer a lower entry price for new investors, and provide liquidity for existing shareholders and expanding investor base for companies.

  • Purchase Limited Partner interests in existing private equity or venture capital funds, facilitating early exits. Fund strategies cover Private Equity, Venture Capital, Buy-out, Credit and Infrastructure for global and pan-Asia managers.

  • Sponsor-led deals transferring assets to new single or multi-asset continuation vehicles. Offers existing LPs options to liquidate, roll over, or reinvest.

  • Both NAV Financing and Preferred Equity offer tailored liquidity solutions that unlock capital without selling assets, ideal for extending the hold period of top-quality assets. While NAV Financing is generally structured as a collateral-based loan, Preferred Equity involves acquiring a stake in the portfolio. Despite these differences, both options provide considerable flexibility in transaction structure, payout, and returns, making them strategic choices for those seeking liquidity and financial flexibility.

Our Solutions

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Our Clients

Secondary markets provide an appealing entry point to boost returns and improve diversification, offering unparalleled visibility on portfolio rebalancing and construction. 


Gateway serves a diverse investor base, including leading secondary managers, institutional investors, and family offices. Utilizing a data-driven methodology, our platform delivers curated investment opportunities tailored to specific parameters and streamlines the due diligence and execution process.

Utilizing alternative liquidity solutions is commonly regarded as a strategic tool for portfolio management. It addresses timing and allocation mismatches while also enabling return of capital, portfolio optimization and risk diversification. 


Gateway is trusted by a diverse shareholder base, ranging from leading private equity and venture capital funds to early-stage investors. Our platform navigates the fastest-growing network of institutional investors, focusing on precise matching to ensure high degree of confidence and execution.

Leading financial intermediaries, spanning global markets, private banks, and independent brokers, view the secondary markets as a crucial differentiator for elevating returns and aiding clients in diversifying their existing portfolios. 

Financial Intermediaries 

These intermediaries collaborate with Gateway to access targeted secondary deal flow and capital sources, thereby enhancing their client portfolio services. Advisors further benefit from Gateway's in-depth insights into pricing, market trends, and sentiment.

Growth and late-stage venture companies increasingly recognize the value of secondary markets as a strategic asset, complementing their primary fundraising initiatives.


Companies look to Gateway to streamline a traditionally fragmented and time-consuming effort in shareholder management. Additionally, Gateway's platform provides actionable insights into valuation pricing, market trends, and sentiment, thereby offering companies a centralized resource for making informed financial and strategic decisions.

Our Platform Tools

Gateway is committed to designing innovative customer-centric tools which help navigate the intricate complexities of Asia's rapidly expanding secondary markets. Leveraging proprietary data, automation, and specialized industry expertise, we offer unparalleled advantages to private market stakeholders.

Matching Engine

Eliminate the inefficiencies of traditional brokerage through our data-driven, algorithmic matching engine.

Leverage proprietary data driven signaling and trends to identify suitable counterparties.

Efficient deal flow origination to support highly selective investment screening through dynamic & personalized deal matching.

Effectively access Gateway’s deep network of institutional stakeholders in Asia.

Due Diligence Engine

Overcome opaque price discovery and information asymmetry through our due diligence tools & network engagement.

Due diligence indexing framework for structured access to institutional grade assessment.

Enhance price discovery by leveraging Gateway’s Orderbook of secondary market pricing and trends.

Safe guard confidential information via a transparent engagement process and secure information exchange.

Execution Engine

Address execution subtleties through our operational expertise, scaled through technology-automated processes.

Qualification for deals and counterparties.

Streamlined execution process from digital onboarding to settlement.

Syndication vehicle for aggregation.

Standardized processes eliminating inconsistencies often found in traditional secondary market transactions, ensuring a seamless and reliable execution.

Access in-depth insights into private market secondaries with Gateway Market Pulse, powered by the Gateway Orderbook. Request access to stay updated on secondary pricing trends, market developments, and investor sentiment in private markets.

Gateway Market Pulse


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Highlights of Our Partners



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Join today as a platform participant and engage in a conversation about PE/VC portfolio solutions. 

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Average size of transaction 



To matched counterparties

1 Week

Proprietary data signals used to drive deal matching 


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